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Lifestyle Photography for Couples, Families, and Seniors

What I Offer

My Preferred Western Colorado Photo Locations

As an adventure photographer, I am always willing to explore new areas throughout Western Colorado. However, each of the following locations offers countless possibilities for incredible photographs

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Let’s Create Memories That Last

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How to Choose a Lifestyle Photographer

Choosing a lifestyle photographer is an important decision. A photography session isn’t just an expense — it’s a lifetime investment. Therefore, you want someone who will capture your personal family moments authentically and beautifully, not just snap a few photographs and call it done.


Before you hire someone to photograph your family, you should walk through these steps:


Define Your Style, Then Seek It Out

 Decide what you want your finished photographs to look like, then seek out photographers whose work speaks to this vision. Use search engines and social media to compare portfolios between the available photographers in your area, and select three to five who best match the photography style you desire.


Reach Out and Ask Questions

 If you are still unsure about a few photographers after you’ve completed your research, then it may help if you contact each possibility directly. You can ask questions, learn about their availability, and get to know each other. This may help you narrow your list to one photographer who stands out.


Do Your Research

After you have narrowed down your list of photographers, it’s time to research them more. Compare pricing and photography packages for each candidate. Also, read reviews and testimonials to get an unbiased opinion of each option.


Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, you should trust your gut feeling, as a strong connection between you and the photographer can lead to more relaxed and genuine photos.

As you consider hiring me to photograph your family, I am happy to answer any questions you have about my photography services and overall process. I love establishing genuine connections with my clients, as this helps us all work together during the photography session. Our photography adventure will yield incredible results, and I look forward to working with you.

Ready to Capture Memorable Moments in Colorful Colorado?

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