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Hi, I'm Jess. I spent two decades globetrotting with the U.S. Navy. Now, I’m a family photographer based out of Montrose, Colorado, loving every minute of it.


​While in the service, I was blessed with the opportunity to capture moments that would forever inform, teach, and reach future generations, offering a muse to serve or simply a glimpse of the world from a sailor’s perspective. As a lifestyle photographer, that idea remains the same. When photographing families, I capture frames with the belief that others will be inspired by these moments in time.


In addition to being the “woman behind the camera,” I am a single mother to a little girl who I am obsessed with! 


​I have 20 years of experience and a degree in portrait and commercial photography. I attended the Military Visual Journalism program at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communication.


Although I dabble in many areas of lifestyle photography, my passion lies in adventurous family and couples’ sessions. The Western Slope has such a wide array of beautiful landscapes; I love the challenge of placing families and couples in these locations and then capturing authentic family moments. These sessions are so much fun, and the result is a fairytale.

Jess in Service


After two decades of military service, I took a much-needed recess and rediscovered myself. I became a nomad, living in a van and exploring the great outdoors. Adjusting back to civilian life can be challenging, and I recognized that I needed something more than the drudgery of a 9 to 5 that left me gasping for air once the weekends came. 


Although it was more complicated than I ever imagined, I put one foot in front of the other and built my photography business from the ground up.


I established a business with the state, set up my website and social media profiles, and listed myself on stock photography sites, all while building a fresh portfolio of work. I put in many long days, but I never felt tired. The work I was doing didn’t feel like work — I had finally discovered my passion.

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Praxis Gallery
Stars & Stripes

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