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Senior Photo Services

Senior Yearbook Photos • Graduation Announcements • Headshots for College Applications

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Tell Your Story With Creative Senior Photos

All About Jess Bidwell’s Senior Photography

Senior pictures capture a unique time in your life. I aim to help you memorialize these final high school moments before you move into college, military service, trade school, or your future career. The information below will prepare you for every step of the process as we prepare and capture your senior photos.

When to Book

I recommend booking senior photo sessions at least six weeks in advance. However, if you would like to get these photographs done during the peak time (summer months), you should consider booking even further in advance. 


When selecting a date and time, consider the distance of your preferred location from your home and factor in that travel time. Also, think about whether the location you want to use will be busy during certain times of the year or days of the week so we can select a date and time that allows for less crowds to work around. For instance, if you want to take photographs in popular places in Ouray, you should avoid Saturdays during the summer months.


Also, if you want to take your senior photographs on a local college campus like Colorado Mesa University, Fort Lewis College, or Western Colorado University, I recommend booking further in advance so we can plan around the college campus schedule.

How to Prepare

In the weeks leading up to your photoshoot, I will guide you so you can adequately prepare everything you need for your senior photography session. 


After you book your session, I will send you a personality questionnaire. This will help me learn more about you, the type of senior photos you want, and a location that will work well. These questions also give me some great information to “break the ice” on the day of the photoshoot so we can create outstanding senior yearbook photos.


What you wear can significantly impact how your photographs look. Consider whether you want your senior pictures to be more serious or playful, and plan your outfit(s) accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with jeans and a polo shirt if you want a more casual look, but you can also wear a dress or tie and slacks if you want formal pictures. I also recommend selecting colors that complement and contrast the background (i.e., don’t wear a green shirt if we are in the forest). If you’re unsure, send me your outfit ideas, and I will help you determine the best look.


You should also consider a location you’d like us to use for the senior photos. The Western Slope offers an array of beautiful locations. Do you have a favorite spot that lets you show off your personality? Let’s make it happen. Want to incorporate your love of horseback riding? Let’s hit the trails together! I can suggest potential locations if you are unsure what setting you’d like for your photographs. 

What to Expect

On the day of your senior photography session, we will meet at the time and location we've discussed beforehand. I will scope out some ideal spots at the location based on the lighting and time of year, and we will jump in.


I'll do most of the work — you should just come prepared to have a great time and smile for the camera! If you feel nervous or unsure how to pose, I'll pull out my “bag of tricks” to help you relax and feel at ease. 


After we finish, I will comb through the photographs to select the best ones for your online gallery. You will receive an email with directions on accessing this gallery two or three weeks after our scheduled session date.

Ready to Capture Memorable Moments That Last a Lifetime?

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