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Styling Your Session

What do I wear to my shoot?

This is a great question. What you wear will have a big impact on the overall image.

Here is a guide to help you get started 

Color Wheel

  • The Color Wheel is a great tool for coordinating color selections. Primary, analogous, secondary, complimentary, and square color combinations all work well together despite their hue, tint, or shadow.                 

  • Neutral colors – the colors that we don’t see on the color wheel- think black, gray, brown, beige, and cream are great fillers.                                               

  • Please avoid fluorescent colors                                 

  • Think about the season/location of your shoot –if your shoot is in the summer– consider contrasting the greenery with warm colors such as red, oranges, or yellows. If your shoot is in the fall, cool colors such as blues, purples, or greens would be a better fit. If you’re brave enough to do a winter shoot all colors look great minus white.

  • Avoid two members of the family wearing the same color. 



  • Avoid clashing patterns – patterns add a great detail but should be used sparingly                                                                             

  • Avoid clothing with logos or writing 


  • Textures and layers are photogenic – think a sweater over a tee, lacy or textured cardigan, jackets, vest, scarves, boots, or a beanie

  • Sometimes it helps to pick one outfit that you love and then build the rest of your wardrobe from that base 

  • Think about your shoes – if you’re wearing a nice dress, pair it with a nice pair of wedges, boots, or heels – not old thongs or sneakers. If we will be hiking into your photo location bring two pairs of shoes to accommodate for the hike. 

Above all your family needs to be comfortable and feel like yourselves!

Still not sure you’ve nailed it. I get it! Styling for a photo session can be a lot of fun but it also comes with its own set of challenges. I’m here to assist, please reach out for further help, or send me photos of clothing you’re considering and we can work together on it. 


Jess Bidwell Photography
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