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All About Jess Bidwell’s Family Photo Sessions

Whether this is your first-ever family photography session or just your first one with me, you likely have many questions about what's involved. This information will answer your questions and provide details about what to expect before, during, and after your photoshoot.

When to Book

In general, I recommend booking your family photography session with me six to eight weeks before your desired photoshoot date. However, some circumstances may warrant booking even further in advance.


For example, if you plan to do a longer photo session with your extended family, selecting a date at least two months in advance gives your family adequate time to align their calendars. This also ensures I am free for the best date for everyone involved in your family photos.


Also, if you are not a Colorado resident and want to book a family photo session during your Western Colorado vacation, I recommend contacting me as soon as you have your vacation days set so I can accommodate you during the time you will be in the area.


You can book online or contact me to discuss possible dates that will work for your family photographs.

How to Prepare

In the weeks and months leading up to your session, you can use me as a resource to prepare for your family photography session. I will support you and provide information so your family is ready for photo day! 


After you book your family photo session, I will send you a personality questionnaire. This will help me learn more about your family, the type of family photos you want, and a location that will work well. These questions also give me some great information to “break the ice” on the day of the photoshoot so we can create outstanding family photos.


What you wear can significantly impact how your photographs look. Stick to the similar tones, but don’t overly match. Try to avoid two members of the family wearing the exact same color. You should also avoid fluorescents and consider neutral tones or colors that will provide a contrast to the location of the photoshoot. Layers work well, and your shoes should match the outfit and location. Above all, your family needs to be comfortable and feel like yourselves!


You should also consider a location you’d like us to use for the family photos. The Western Slope offers an array of beautiful locations. Do you have a favorite spot that’s filled with happy memories? Let’s make it happen. Got an idea for a new and exciting adventure? Let’s explore together! I can suggest potential locations if you are unsure what setting you’d like for your photographs. 

What to Expect

On the day of your family photography session, we will meet at the time and location we've discussed beforehand. I will scope out some ideal spots at the location based on the lighting and time of year, and we will jump in.


I'll do most of the work — your family should just come prepared to have a great time together! If you feel nervous or unsure how to act in front of the camera, I'll pull out my “bag of tricks” to help you relax and feel at ease. 


After we finish, I will comb through the photographs to select the best ones for your online gallery. You will receive an email from me with directions on accessing this gallery two or three weeks after our scheduled session date.

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