Hi, I'm Jess. 


I am a transitioning veteran; over the last two decades, I spent my time globetrotting with the U.S. Navy. One constant, my camera was never far from reach. 


While in service I was blessed with the opportunity to capture moments that would forever inform, teach and reach future generations, offering a muse to serve or simply a glimpse of the world from a Sailor’s perspective.


As I immerse myself in the civilian sector, one thing remains the same, I consistently find myself behind the lens capturing frames with the desire that others will be as inspired as I am by merely a moment in time.


My latest project highlights the lifestyle that I chose to pursue upon separating from the military. Though van dwelling comes with its own unique set of challenges it is allowing me to explore the civilian sector while keeping expenses low. Moreover, it’s given me the freedom to explore our great nation in search of my final destination. 


I’ve also been exploring the realm of macro photography. It is with this collection that I’m hoping to provide a new perspective. I have a theory: our minds are so consumed with the day-to-day that we often miss the beauty that lies just before us. This consumption is at no fault of our own; rather, it is a symptom of our society. If more persons were to lust in the beauty which surrounds us, then, maybe, we would all be more motivated to preserve it.


Home-based in Denver, Colorado. I have 15 years of experience, a degree in portrait and commercial photography and I attended the Military Visual Journalism program at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communication.


If my work speaks to you, please reach out. I am hard-working, diligent and above all, I love connecting with the subjects within the art that I create.