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It is with this collection of images that I as an artist resurfaced. Though I was blessed to serve as a military photographer I moved up in the ranks very quickly and by the close of my career, the relationship I once had with the camera had all but diminished. 


Moreover, I was living a life so full of distractions that I didn’t have the energy or incentive to notice or even appreciate what mother earth has given us.  It was through the exploration of these lost connections that I not only rediscovered the natural beauty of our planet but also and my overall sense of joy.


It’s tough, our minds are so consumed with the day-to-day that we often miss the beauty that lies just before us. This consumption is at no fault of our own; rather, it is a symptom of our society.  I hope that with this collection of photos you too attain a sense of connection with, and curiosity for mother nature. For it is this resurgence of appreciation that can lead us all, taking action in ways that will enrich our human existence.

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