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David Ray first discovered his interest in politics during the 2004 election.  This new found interest drove him to change his major and upon graduating from the University of the Ozarks in 2007 he joined the realm of politics.  He has since worked on numerous campaigns including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California Governor race, Ken Cuccinelli’s Virginia Attorney General's race, and Todd P’Pool’s Kentucky Attorney General's race.


At the mere age of 26, David assumed the position of Congresswoman Buerkle’s campaign manger.  Upon his  selection he vigorously led a team of eight individuals on a campaign that received national attention.  “This group of individuals were great to work with,” said David,   "I am so grateful to have a good team around to support me, it makes you feel like you don't have to do everything yourself.”


Together the team has traveled throughout New York State’s 24th Congressional District participating in numerous public relations events promoting Congresswoman Buerkle. Although, these events may seem like the most important portion of a campaign, it’s the behind the scenes actions that can make the greatest difference. 


“My favorite moment of the campaign was getting the requisite number of signatures for us to qualify for the Independence Party line on the ballot. That was a huge effort that required weeks and weeks of work and was very difficult. However, it was certainly rewarding when we won the endorsement and qualified for that ballot line,” said David.  This achievement permitted Congresswomen Buerkle to have her name on the ballot twice, a method referred to as “fusion voting.”  This method could make a huge difference in a close race.  


“Although David Ray is the campaign manager one would not know this just by being in the office, he does not boss people around but rather he leads them,” said Bob Murfit, a regular volunteer at the campaign office,  “David is constantly in the action whether it be stamping flyers, participating in a phone bank or out knocking on doors.”


Throughout the campaign David’s average workweek was Monday thru Saturday with workdays lasting from 10-15 hours. “This is not an easy job, there are long hours and a lot of stress” said David. “However, I feel like I'm making a difference in the direction of the country and that makes it all worth it.”


As the votes came in on election night the mood became very somber at the Republican Party election night headquarters.  “We gave it our all,” said David. “We left nothing on the table.  We will continue to hope for the best and possibly learn from the worst but either way we will continue forward.”


David Ray is currently serving on the Arkansas House of Representatives, representing District 40. 

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