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“It wasn’t an overnight thing, the feeling came on slightly at first but it slowly became a powerful force that I could not ignore.  I wanted to help people and introduce them to Our Lord, Jesus Christ,” said Carolyn Hendrickson.  It was this calling that eventually landed Carolyn at the Rescue Mission.


The Rescue Mission of Syracuse is a not-for-profit organization that has served the homeless and poor in the love
of Christ since 1887.  “ It offered the perfect combination of being able to help others while feeding my need to help people, all right here in my hometown,” said Carolyn.

Carolyn's primary job is Chief Development Officer.  This in itself is a very demanding job requiring 40-50 hours a week on average.  These long hours do not slow Carolyn down though, she still finds time to go out and visit with the guest of the Rescue Mission on a daily basis.  “Carolyn is an amazing women, she never seizes to amaze me. Her schedule is always changing and non-stop yet she still takes the ten minutes she has free to go chat with the guest,” said Gina a co-worker.


Carolyn also makes it a point to visit prior guest of the Rescue Mission every weekend.  “Carolyn is an exquisite lady, she knows what she’s doing, she waited until I was ready to introduce me to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and even then she didn’t force religion upon me.  Instead she let me move at my pace.  I now have conversations with my “higher power” everyday,” said Dawn Richardson, a former guest of the Rescue Mission. Carolyn connected with Dawn over 10 years ago and she still visits her on a regular basis.


When asked to describe Carolyn, Alan Thornton, the Chief Executive Office of the Rescue Mission responded, “She’s fantastic.  She works her tail off in the office.  She is the last one in the office on many occasions, yet she never tires.  She connects with each guest, even knows most by name and often continues the connections long after the   guest’s get back on their feet and leave the mission. She’s amazing.”  In response Carolyn nonchalantly responded,  “God made me this way.  This is my mission.” 

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